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DB&C NetWerks is a regional West Michigan technology consulting and support company providing professional IT services to small and medium sized businesses. Full-time, professional staff members are available for on-site and remote support. When tasks require more specialized personnel, NetWerks maintains a network of electricians, server administrators, A/V specialists, programmers, and web designers.

Our Serendipitous Beginning

A technology expert seeking legal advice found his attorney in need of technology support for his small law firm. As a result, the idea to maximize the talents of both was developed.

It wasn’t long before other businesses and individuals heard of our service and value. They too found they required tech support beyond the abilities of their staff, but couldn’t justify a full-time technician. The concept and selling point of “technology time-share” was born.

Discussions with other small business owners led to a realization that most people are proficient experts in their chosen field, but business technology is outside of their areas of expertise.

At NetWerks, we originally specialized in providing support for law firms. We’ve grown to provide service to small businesses in nearly every arena.

Installing RAM

NetWerks currently serves clients in the following industries:


Grocery/Speciality Foods
Theme Parks
Marine/Yacht Clubs
Vacation Rentals
Property Management


Retail Sales
Automotive Dealerships
Real Estate

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Legal and Medical Services

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
Government Entities
Personal Training and Fitness

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